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Matrix plus "institute of Excellence" an institute established under a guidance of MR. Raghbendra Singh (Director).

Matrix plus institute providing guidance to the secondary and higher secondary level students. We are established with a main goal of providing excellent education and learning system to our students.

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Elevate Your Academic Journey with Matrix Plus: The Best Coaching for Class 9th to 12th and NEET Preparation in Delhi


Education is the cornerstone of success, and having a solid foundation during the crucial years of high school can make all the difference. Matrix Plus, a premier educational institute located in Delhi, is dedicated to providing the best coaching for students in classes 9th to 12th, along with comprehensive NEET preparation. With a team of highly qualified educators, state-of-the-art facilities, and a proven track record of success. Matrix Plus stands as a beacon of academic excellence and a guiding light for aspirants preparing for both board exams and competitive medical entrance tests.

Unveiling the Matrix Plus Advantage

Matrix Plus sets itself apart as the best coaching institute for class 9th to 12th and NEET preparation in Delhi through its unique approach to education. Here's a closer look at what makes Matrix Plus the preferred choice for students and parents alike:

1. Expert Faculty Team: At Matrix Plus, education is not just about imparting information; it's about nurturing young minds. The institute boasts a team of experienced and passionate educators who understand the diverse learning needs of students. These mentors are not only subject matter experts but also adept at making complex concepts easy to grasp.

2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Matrix Plus recognizes the importance of a well-structured curriculum. The institute offers meticulously designed study plans that cover both board exam syllabus and NEET requirements. This holistic approach ensures that students are well-prepared for all challenges, whether they're aiming to excel in board exams or secure a seat in a prestigious medical college.

3. Personalized Attention: One size does not fit all in education, and Matrix Plus understands this. With a focus on individualized attention, the institute maintains small class sizes, allowing educators to identify and address each student's strengths and weaknesses. This personalized approach enhances learning outcomes and builds students' confidence.

4. Targeted Board Exam Preparation: Matrix Plus takes the stress out of board exam preparation by providing comprehensive study materials, regular mock tests, and focused revision sessions. Students receive guidance not only on mastering the syllabus but also on time management and exam strategies, ensuring they enter the exam hall fully prepared.

5. NEET Preparation Excellence: For aspiring medical professionals, Matrix Plus offers a specialized NEET preparation program that covers the entire syllabus, in-depth conceptual understanding, and extensive practice sessions. Regular mock tests modelled after the NEET exam pattern help students gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement.

6. Result-Oriented Approach: Matrix Plus has consistently delivered outstanding results. The institute's track record includes a high percentage of students achieving top ranks in board exams and securing admissions to premier medical colleges across India. These achievements stand as a testament to the efficacy of Matrix Plus's teaching methodology.

7. Holistic Development: Education at Matrix Plus goes beyond academics. The institute believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Through various extracurricular activities, workshops, and seminars, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking, leadership skills, and a sense of social responsibility.

Matrix Plus emerges as the epitome of educational excellence, offering the best coaching for class 9th to 12th and NEET preparation in Delhi. Its unwavering commitment to quality education, distinguished faculty, comprehensive curriculum, and outstanding results make it the go-to choice for students and parents who aspire for nothing less than the best.

If you're a student looking to ace your board exams or a medical aspirant with dreams of donning that white coat, Matrix Plus is your partner in turning those dreams into reality. Join Matrix Plus today and embark on a transformative educational journey that paves the way for a successful future


Subject Experts

Raghbendra Singh
(Director and Founder)

B.Sc, M.Sc (Physics) - With 15 Years of Experience

Nitin Kashyap
(Centre head- Rana Pratap Bagh)

B.com(H), M.com, B.ed, M.ed - With 19 Years of Experience

Gaganpreet Singh
(Centre head- GTB & Malka Ganj)

B.com(H), M.com, CMA(F) - With 10 Years of Experience

Shashi Shekhar Jha
(Chemistry Faculty)

M.Sc (Chemistry) - With 6 Years of Experience


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